Upcoming Events

  • 2023 Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner. Cancelled

Past event: Easter Uprising 100 year Commemorative Plaque

On April 28, 2016, at the site of The Celtic Cross, members of the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, along with Mayor Mike Savage and Dr. Ray Bassett, Irish Ambassador to Canada, unveiled The Centenary Mosaic recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Uprising. Joining them are Cornelius McGuinness, the artist who created the mosaic and Sean Brownlow, the Society’s President.

The mosaic is an Easter Lily, the Irish symbol of Insurrection and Remembrance. The colours of the Lily are those of the tricolour, surrounded in gold. The dates are depicted in red to portray A Terrible Beauty and longevity since. Lastly, the Celtic knots in the four corners symbolize the Four Green Fields of Ireland.

The Society holds regular quarterly meetings and celebrates the Festival of Saint Patrick each March 17th.

In the past, this celebration has been a Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner;  in earlier days, a parade and church service.

The method of annual celebration is entrusted each year to the Executive of the Society.