Traditionally, members of the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax have come from a wide cross-section of the city including citizens prominent in all walks of both civil and professional life and closely identified with the rich history of this city and province.

Today more than 350 members of the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax reflect the city’s varied and interesting population who still answer the call of charity and Irish culture.

If you are interested in joining or renewing membership with the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, you may do so online or by mail

Registration By Mail

Please complete a Membership Application Form (click on the link below, print off the PDF form and mail it to the address below).

You may also contact: to arrange for membership application or renewal.

Mail the membership form and annual fee to:

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax P. O. Box 31244 Halifax NS B3K 5Y1, Canada

Request For Member’s Email Addresses

The Membership Committee would like to have member’s e-mail addresses on file in order to facilitate future communication.

Members, please forward your e-mail address to: